Bamboo Baby Towel


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Our hooded bath towels for babies will make the perfect cute and cozy companions for your baby during bath time! They’re made of pure natural bamboo fiber and come with a hood for protecting and warming your baby’s head. The hood has an adorable little bear design on it that’ll look picture perfect on your baby! After all, your little one deserves the cutest little things. The hooded baby towel comes with two pairs of strings to make bath time safer for your precious little one. The strings can be tied against your neck and waist as you bathe your baby so that the child is close to you at all times and is secured even when your hands may slip. We acknowledge that nothing’s more important than your child’s safety and that’s why we’ve made your baby’s bath time safer than ever. A thick layer of natural bamboo fiber is used to make this baby towel, making it ultra-soft and cozy. You can rest assured that your baby is living in cloudy comfort whenever you put our baby towel to use. Additionally, the bamboo makes our newborn towels super absorbent. In fact, it absorbs water 3 whole times as fast as other materials! Your baby will be dry, warm, and cozy in the blink of an eye after bath time is over. With the knowledge that our baby towel will make bath time safer, more comfortable, and better than ever, and that your baby will look absolutely adorable in it, you have no reason not to buy! Add to cart now!

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