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SnoodleBear is a small female-owned brand

we as parents understand the for better more comfortable and high-quality products for your babies.
So we bring you the best there is in materials size and functionality

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It all began with a simple yet crucial need as a new mother – the fear of juggling a slippery, wet baby and attempting to reach for a towel. After exploring the available market options and finding them lacking, I embarked on a journey to bring about a significant improvement.

We aimed to address several issues with the towels I encountered:

To begin with, the quality of the towels left much to be desired. Those crafted from cotton demanded meticulous care during washing, as any negligence led to them becoming rigid and uncomfortably rough.

Secondly, I yearned for a towel that could be easily secured and removed, allowing me the convenience of employing both my hands while lifting my baby out of the bath. Regrettably, the available options were limited, either offering just a single method of fastening, typically buttons that proved cumbersome to use, or worse still, uncomfortable once the baby had outgrown them.

Lastly, a significant portion of the towels seemed to be designed upside down and were impractically small for a two-month-old baby.



snoodlebear baby towel

SnoodleBear Baby Towel is designed to provide an unparalleled experience for both you and your baby. Crafted from the finest, incredibly soft, and skin-friendly organic bamboo, it offers a luxurious touch that’s gentle on your baby’s delicate skin.

We’ve thoughtfully engineered our towels for convenience, featuring an easy-to-tie design that eliminates the hassle of buttons. With one simple tie-on and a smooth removal process, it streamlines your baby’s post-bath routine.

Our XL-sized towel, complete with a hood on top, is generously proportioned to accommodate your child from the tender age of 0 and throughout their formative years, up to 5. SnoodleBear Baby Towel is the embodiment of comfort, quality, and longevity for your baby’s well-being.

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